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Slip-and Fall-Accidents

“It’s fine. I’m OK – thanks.”  You probably said something like that to any onlookers.  You said it almost reflexively, just as soon as you realized you fell down.  What you may have realized only later is that your slip and fall hurt more than the seat of your pants, and that “clumsiness” never was the culprit.

Whether your pain set in moments or months after your fall, it’s left you a little rattled.  The question of “what happened?” has stuck in your craw, because you’ve needed to make adjustments to daily life.  You can’t walk or work, sit or stand, or even relax for a few minutes without wondering whether there really were “slippery floors” cones, or the ice was visible, or the step didn’t need repairs.

Did a property owner’s neglect result in your fall? Could he or she have prevented it – or tried harder to prevent it?

If you have reason to believe your slip-and-fall may be due to circumstances beyond your control and a result of negligence, don’t hesitate to call longtime Peoria slip-and-fall attorney Harry Williams. A well-known and well-respected trial lawyer in Illinois, Harry Williams has a reputation among his clients (and opposing attorneys) for a bold, unapologetic approach – one that brings his clients the compensation they deserve.

If you have (or a loved one has) suffered a slip-and-fall injury, please call 309-676-7633 for a free phone consultation.  You may be entitled to compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs associated with your slip-and-fall. Any information we receive from you will be kept completely confidential. Call us today and receive the care you deserve.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, . Any information we receive from you will be kept completely confidential.

You deserve justice and compensation for your injuries. Call us today at 309-676-7633.