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Medical Malpractice

Medical MalpracticeLife can be ugly when doctors violate the Hippocratic Oath — the pledge that doctors take in which they promise to “do no harm.”

For a procedure or treatment to go as planned is a miraculous thing, perhaps a miracle we take for granted because so much can go wrong. There is always a chance that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel might misdiagnose a person, prescribe the wrong dosage of medicine, operate on the wrong part of a patient’s body (or on the wrong patient), deviate from the normal standard of care, or communicate poorly with their patients.

Whatever caused your doctor to make the mistake that has caused you unnecessary pain and suffering, the result for you is the same: you are now in worse condition than you were before receiving “care” from your doctor.

Call Peoria medical malpractice attorney Harry Williams

Harry Williams is a trial lawyer who has practiced malpractice and injury law in Peoria, Illinois, for more than 30 years. His law firm focuses on cases involving injuries resulting from the carelessness of others.

Harry fights for the rights of his clients, ensuring that they receive proper medical care and every financial benefit available to them under the law. He is well-known and well-respected in Illinois for his bold, unorthodox approach that maximizes the compensation he receives for his clients.

If medical malpractice has left you in pain or out of work, please call 309-676-7633 for a free phone consultation. Any information we receive from you will be completely confidential.

You deserve justice and compensation for your injuries. Call us at 309-676-7633.

Former Insurance Defense Lawyer Will Fight For Your Rights

During the 1980s and 1990s, attorney Harry Williams worked for an insurance company defending auto accident injury claims. That experience provided him with inside knowledge of the tactics and strategies insurance companies use to avoid paying injury claims. Today, he only uses his knowledge and skills to help people who have been injured recover money for their injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of normal life.

“We chose Harry Williams & Associates to handle our case because we knew Harry Williams was a Christian and that he would take care of us. All of the people at Harry Williams & Associates were very good to us. They were always kind and patient with us and they got our case settled quickly.”

Po Sun & Sheila Lee, Galesburg, IL